The Finger Piece Holy Grail

Well, after 6 years of making keys, I think I’ve finally found what (for me) is the ideal finger piece shape and finish. I’ve been known for my exotic wood finger pieces with the mother of pearl dot inlay and they continue to be preferred by most of my customers, but I think more will also want to go with the Black Lexan finger pieces, especially when they experience the hand finish which makes a huge difference in the touch/feel of the key.

Let me know what you think… —Steve

4 thoughts on “The Finger Piece Holy Grail

  1. A few weeks back, I had asked Steve if he could build me a ‘Fat Boy’, but using the Lexan finger pieces, rather than the exotic wood, as I thought it would look pretty sweet in the shack. (I have an original TBCP, with a brass base and the wood finger pieces, and that looks awesome as well)
    Steve is accommodating as all get-out, and said “No Problem!”
    Fast forward to today, and I just received my ‘Fat Boy” key in the mail. Once I got the package opened, a tear ran down my cheek, and angels sang, as I looked at it glowing on the counter.
    I was able to finally divert my eyes away from this work of art, and I found a note saying that I was the first op to receive a key with his new finger piece design, and to let him know how I like them.
    My wife could not understand how I could be so excited about a key, but hey, what does she know, shes a girl, hi hi,
    I came to Steve’s Web Site to look at the pictures and check out the differences between this version and the previous version of finger pieces, and low and behold, I see this post. (I am not positive, but from looking at the position of the screw heads in the photo above, I believe that could quite possibly my key in the photo)
    I am happy to report Steve, that the finger pieces, and the entire key, are nothing short of awesome.
    I enjoy the look and feel of the exotic wood on my original TBCP…I picked it up 2nd hand, and never looked back. I have been using it for almost a year now, and didn’t think it could get any better, but the new finger pieces are amazing.
    They have a nice soft feel, the rounded edges are very comfortable, and the additional material on the bottom of the finger piece makes them a huge winner in my book.
    I have been sitting in zoom calls for work all afternoon, with my hand just off camera, “Keying” this work of art, and I cant stop looking at it, or keying on it.
    Thanks to Steve for your quality builds. You would be hard pressed to find a finer key then this.
    If I had to describe this key in 1 word, it would be “Perfect”


    • Geez Brian, you leave me blushing! For me the “Fat Boy” is the premier example of what a key should be…First and foremost, functionality. Does it make clean code at all speeds? Is it quiet? Is it easily adjusted? Is it comfortable to operate? Does it improve on what’s already on the market? And just as important, does the key do all this and present a design that looks great on the desktop without costing a fortune. Your words are music to my ears Brian and I will recall them the next time I bust a tap or ruin a part and have to throw it away, and that fleeting thought of “Is it all worth it?” It most certainly is….73, Steve —W1SFR—


    • Hi Paul,

      Sorry for the delay in my response. Been under the weather for a couple of weeks. Yes, the new fingerpieces are basically the same overall length with the same screw spacing, but please send me a picture of yours with your key so I can be sure I send you the right thing. I will also send you a new set of screws and washers that are properly sized. Cost is $25 with free shipping. Call me if you have questions. 802-779-7489


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