The Finger Piece Holy Grail

Well, after 6 years of making keys, I think I’ve finally found what (for me) is the ideal finger piece shape and finish. I’ve been known for my exotic wood finger pieces with the mother of pearl dot inlay and they continue to be preferred by most of my customers, but I think more will also want to go with the Black Lexan finger pieces, especially when they experience the hand finish which makes a huge difference in the touch/feel of the key.

Let me know what you think… —Steve

Ultimate Online Source of Telegraphy Information-W1TP


Tom, W1TP is in our club, The Green Mountain Wireless Society. As a leading authority on cipher machines and the Enigma in particular, he gave a most excellent talk about the Enigma Machine at our last meeting. I had occasion to view his site lately and if you ever wanted to see an incredibly comprehensive collection about telegraphy and all of it’s many facets, look no further.