TBP Portable Key With Station Base

This key has been retired. 

The TBP with the stainless steel base is the fourth version of this key. It’s a great addition to the go bag and with the station base it’s very much at home in the shack as well. You’ll love the action and the look of this very unique Torsion Bar key. It excels as a cootie or paddle.

For portable use, you simply unscrew the station base, remove the feet and use them to attach the cover plate to the bottom of the key. That protects the wiring and also allows you to keep the key stable while sending. This key is VERY stable on the desk without taking up a lot of room.

“I am very pleased with it and just tested it out at 45 wpm.  It is very smooth and will be used alot in my station.  I like the way you made the paddle too.  Alot stronger than my idea.  Thanks again for a FB job!”

It features a patent pending design that brings a whole new way of sending CW using my unique torsion/lever system.

The key base is milled out of a solid block of Aluminum. The control lever “carrier” is brass and the finger pieces are made of hand contoured black lexan. Station base and lever carrier are brass and the lever and posts are brushed/polished. Adjustment screws are custom made and are 10-32 fine thread Brass. The contact strip is nickel silver and provides a quieting mechanism that makes the key virtually silent while in use.

Dimensions with Station Base are 3″W  x  4″L  x 2.5H. Total Weight 1.6 pounds. Weight without the station base is only 9 oz.

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