W1SFR “FAT BOY” Torsion Bar Cootie/Paddle

Ok, some of you guys asked me to make the same Cootie key but make the base heavier. I get it…hard sometimes to switch over from smacking a bug all about the shack to a little guy with a very light touch. SO……I am now going to offer up the same key with a 1/2″ solid brass base which makes it ever so chunky. Either way, this key is becoming a favorite to many a happy cootie convert.


“It is beautiful!

The craftsmanship is top notch, and it is solidly built.

Several small details of the design give it a fantastic feel, much better than most other keys I have tried.

Highly recommended!

“I just bought one of these from Steve. Very fast delivery of a fine accessory. I have no relation to Steve but I believe in positive and negative feedback, as warranted. This one deserves the highest positive feedback and accolades. Nice to look at and a pleasure to use.
Nice work Steve! ”
73 de Arnie W8DU

Here’s what Mike, K5MP recently wrote about the TBCP.                                                “Well, I just added yet another commercially made Cootie to the inventory, this one a Torsion Bar model hand crafted by W1SFR.  Named appropriately as his model TBCP which stands for Torsion Bar Cootie Paddle, it has a very solid feel but is with a relatively soft landing at the end of each key stroke.  The Torsion Bar technology provides firm but soft tension to the single lever and assures optimal centering after each key stroke.  Based on initial usage, I am very impressed by its ease of operation and eye-pleasing appearance.  If I were to attempt a ranking of the cooties here on the desk, I would of course, rate the Begali Sculpture Swing as my number one favorite.  Following closely behind, it is my inclination to place this TBCP, then the begali HST, the GHD GF 501a, and finally, my simple but effective homebrew hacksaw blade cootie.  Perhaps that batting order will change over time, but for now I’ll stick with that ranking in which the TBCP shines as the best price performer.”

As many of you know, I’m a huge fan of the cootie key or sideswiper. I’ve been using one for years and all of my keys can easily be used as either a paddle or cootie.

Knowing that cootie keys are not the most popular way of sending CW, I’ve set out to produce a key that is wired as a paddle but is equally at home as a cootie, and most of all, it’s very affordable. It features my exclusive Torsion Bar action and hand rubbed exotic wood finger pieces with genuine Mother-Of-Pearl or Abalone inlay on each finger piece.

With a simple stereo to mono adapter or by simply shorting the contacts underneath, you can switch back and forth from a classic paddle to a cootie quickly and easily. The key is all fine brushed brass and has enough mass (even though it only has a footprint of 3″x3″) to stay put in use thanks to the rubber feet. A 3.5mm cable is included.

Handmade with great care, this key will last a lifetime.

I usually can get a key out the door in a week or less. Keys are sent via USPS Priority Mail and professionally packed to ensure safe delivery.

Here’s a video of the “Fat Boy” version:

TBFB (Torsion Bar Fat Boy) $195  with FREE USPS Priority Mail Shipping



International orders are encouraged and average about $20 more for shipping. Please email me for a shipping quote! I will send you a PayPal invoice with the proper amounts.