SKCC Club Keys


Welcome to the W1SFR SKCC page! My name is Steve Roberts and or over a year now, I have been the sole maker of these keys. They have proven to be a huge hit with the club and I am committed to continuing to build them for you.

You will see that I have added versions of the club key using my new “Titan” designs as well as the “Green Machine” marble base keys which you may be familiar with. You can decide which one is right for you, but whatever you decide, be assured that you will get a very high quality key that is guaranteed 100% and made of materials sourced in the US.

Please scroll to the bottom of the page for ordering information.

Some the key features include:

  • All keys are handmade of quality materials in the USA
  • The Torsion bar system is unique to W1SFR and not available from any other key manufacturer
  • The torsion bar system is super smooth and quiet
  • The keys use a nickel silver contact strip providing a signature “soft” feel making long QSO’s much more enjoyable
  • Finger pieces on the sideswipers and straight keys are made by hand and have a unique design shared by all W1SFR keys
  • Stainless bases are milled and clearly show where and when the keys are made
  • The Stainless “Titan” bases weigh 3 pounds 3 ounces and measure 3″ x 5″ x 3/4″

What other CW ops are saying about my keys:

“I have to say it is one of the most unique keys I have ever used! Beautiful job, very lovely indeed.”

“The key feels superb in all operating situations so far along with others’ comments on how great it sounds on the air makes me feel like my money was well spent”

“I am loving my new “Fat Boy” key. I’ve used it exclusively since I got it. I
even brought it along to our Club’s field day set-up. I get regular
comments on my nice FIST and I’m told I send very readable code”

“WOW! What a beautiful key, Steve! LOVE IT! I will give it the top photo spot on my QRZ page!”

“Really enjoying the key; very light velvety touch with close contact spacing. Smoooooth”

“I have owned and sold all the Keys listed here, some more than once. These are all paddles except where noted one single lever. Alberto Fratti, Begali, Bencher, CT, CW touch, G4ZPY, Jones, K8RA, Kent, MagnaKeyer, March, N3ZN, Nye, ,Schurr Profi (the only paddle i ever really liked, until yours, honest engine.) Vibroplex, WBLV22. The best—for me—is yours and why I am buying the Green Machine to complement the FatBoy.” 

“This paddle is fantastic! Smooth action doesn’t begin to describe it. It’s also great eye candy at the operating position. Well done!”

“I am really enjoying the fat boy. I use it 95% of the time now. Took a couple days to get familiar with it. But now im moving along pretty well. Its a neat lil swiper>and well made!! Already made 55 contacts toward my skcc TKA award”

Click here for some YouTube videos showing my keys in action.


SKCC Titan Sideswiper $360 + $13.85 Shipping

SKCC Titan Straight Key $385 + $13.85 Shipping