NEW!! Torsion Bar Cootie/Paddle For Under $150

“It is beautiful!

The craftsmanship is top notch, and it is solidly built.

Several small details of the design give it a fantastic feel, much better than most other keys I have tried.

Highly recommended!

“I just bought one of these from Steve. Very fast delivery of a fine accessory. I have no relation to Steve but I believe in positive and negative feedback, as warranted. This one deserves the highest positive feedback and accolades. Nice to look at and a pleasure to use.
Nice work Steve! ”
73 de Arnie W8DU

As many of you know, I’m a huge fan of the cootie key or sideswiper. I’ve been using one for years and all of my keys can easily be used as either a paddle or cootie. Knowing that cootie keys are not the most popular way of sending CW, I’ve set out to produce a key that is wired as a paddle but is equally at home as a cootie, and most of all, it’s very affordable. It features my exclusive Torsion Bar action and hand rubbed and finished exotic wood finger pieces. With a simple stereo to mono adapter or by simply shorting the contacts underneath, you can switch back and forth from a classic paddle to a cootie quickly and easily. The key is all fine brushed brass and has enough mass (even though it only has a footprint of 3″x3″) to stay put in use thanks to the rubber feet. A 3.5mm cable is included as well as a hex key for adjustment should you drop it on the deck while you’re reaching for your coffee.

Handmade with great care, this key will last a lifetime.

I usually can get a key out the door in a week or less. Keys are sent via USPS Priority Mail and professionally packed to ensure safe delivery.

Here’s the video:

TBCP (Torsion Bar Cootie/Paddle) $148 + $12.50 USPS Priority Mail Shipping