The TITAN Keys

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When I told my wife that I wasn’t making any more money on these keys than I do on others, she of course said “Why would you do that?” A pretty good question I guess, and my answer probably doesn’t make sense to most, but I know you will understand. It’s because for me, they are keys that needed to be made…to show where I am as a craftsman and as a key maker. Is it the desire to stroke my ego, to get a pat on the back? Maybe, but in my mind it’s really my effort to make my idea of the ultimate key using my torsion bar design concepts and translate those ideas into a key that will last many lifetimes. Keys that will inhabit the pages of future Google group collectors pages. Keys that mean something to those that own and use them, and pass them down to future CW nuts like us.

There are 2 versions of the Titan. A Sideswiper/Paddle and a Straight Key. The sideswiper and the paddle are virtually the same with a very slight difference the way they are wired. The Straight Key is totally different and functions like most other straight keys. All keys have the same base with the art deco inspired border and weigh over 3 pounds. To eliminate the ever present dangling cable from a lot of keys, I have gone to great lengths to mill out the undercarriage of the key to not only accommodate the wiring, but to allow the installation of a 3.5mm jack which really makes this clean design possible.

Buying the paddle is really the same as buying the cootie. You just need the included 3.5mm stereo to mono adapter to use it as a cootie. If you want it hard wired as a cootie, you can always change it to a paddle with one little snip of a wire. Easy peasy.

Here are some specifics with pictures.

The Titan Sideswiper/Paddle

Stainless Steel Base: Length 5″, Width 3″ Total Weight: 3lb 2oz. Fingerpieces: Hand shaped lexan. All other parts are Brass. Tension at contact is 25 grams @ approximately .5mm gap. Contact strips are made of nickel silver and can be adjusted if necessary. Scroll to bottom of page for buying information.

The Titan Straight Key

Stainless steel base: Length 5″, Width 3″. total Weight: 3lb 5 oz. Knob and skirt are hand turned from Delrin. All other parts are made of solid brass. Tension at .5mm gap is 20 grams. Contact strips are nickel silver. Desk to top of knob is 3.5″. I’ve added a “stop” button just under the contact strip to eliminate any possible accidents…like your grandkid pressing way down on the knob and bending the strip all to hell and stripping the torsion bar. Yep…that happened.


Titan SideSwiper $334 plus $13.85 Priority Mail Shipping

Titan Paddle $334 plus $13.85 Priority Mail Shipping

Titan Straight Key $356 plus $13.85 Priority Mail Shipping

Add your callsign $35