CW Practice Oscillator Run Down

I’ve been reading a thread lately in the LICW Google group and compiled this list of favored CW practice oscillators. I personally have struggled with building simple oscillators wanting more than what simple circuits can deliver. I have recently ordered a Morserino 2 which appears to be a great tool to use with students and also a great testing device for the shop when I finish a key and want to make sure it works correctly without actually hooking it up to my radio in the shack. —Steve—

Here’s the list:

4 thoughts on “CW Practice Oscillator Run Down

  1. Well, I haven’t thought of it. The new finger pieces are actually made from Bubinga. That’s a very hard wood with a very nice warm color and interesting patterns. I would consider making replacement finger pieces with my new shape. What do you think would be fair for a price? It takes me about an hour to make a pair. Steve


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