The best way to learn Morse?

Well…it’s the Long Island CW Club of course! LICW has become the go-to place to study, learn and experience CW. With just over 1000 members as of this writing, they manage scores of online courses touching on all things Morse.

Here’s a “blurb” from their site:

The Long Island CW Club had been started in 2018 to promote and expand the use of Morse Code- CW amongst amateur radio operators, initially in our geographic area. Today there is no longer a FCC requirement to learn CW to obtain an amateur radio license. Yet we find there is still a pent up demand to learn the code, become more proficient at it and to take part in activities centered around this interesting skill. To help fill this void, we have put together a group of dedicated teachers of Morse Code – CW. We conduct CW training classes via internet video conference classes at various skill levels. We have grown quickly, branching out with members nationwide and overseas. Please see our Calendar for CW class times. Besides Morse Code classes, we are very active locally with regular ‘brick and mortar’ activities such as QRP outings, portable operations on a local museum ship and with BBQs, museum visits and quarterly luncheons at a historic inn etc. We also hold regular presentations on a variety of ham radio and Morse Code – CW related topics, also by internet video conference.

Be there or be square…..Oh, and be sure to sign up for their google group. Lots of good stuff from students and old experienced ops.



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