New Morse System for the Disabled

I could make a lot of jokes about this way of sending morse, but when I think about it for even a moment, those of us that can sit down in good health and enjoy our hobby are so incredibly lucky. Never forget that.

A Poem about CW by Troy Weisenheimer, W0ROF

It’s more than dots and dashes,

It’s a place.

A sanctuary for those who’ve learned

To love the mysterious magic of

Thoughts arriving in mile-long strings

On roads of ether or wire.

Even more, it’s peace,

A shield from the disordered sounds

Of traffic, angry people

And industrial clutter clatter,

Within its warm mantle

We find soothing respite.

And the patter of bright ideas it is,

The sharp focusing of others’ thoughts

From miles beyond our vision’s range,

As in a dream we sit so still,

It floats in our ears and stirs our minds

With concern, remembrance, speculation

And mirth.

And code is music,

From sounders and speakers it dances

In the shack to each sender’s inner clock,

And comes butter-smooth, deliciously swinging,

Or choppy staccato from a “fist” praising definition,

Or perfectly metered, flowing exquisitely

From the gentle hand of an artist.

A place,

And peace,

Intelligence and


Code is more than dots and dashes. 

Nano Straight Key Part deux


Well, I added a small paddle thinking it would be cool as a swiper, but alas, the travel is too much to my liking. It sort of works as a paddle, but there are better alternatives out there. I decided to make it into a straight key so added clear rubber bumpers. It really works great now and just holding it down on any surface, the travel of the lever is just right. Had a few QSO’s last night to try it out and it works great. Please don’t ask me to make one for you though….:-)


Nano Straight Key

Well I just made this key yesterday and it turns out it makes a great straight key used on its side. My thought was that it might make a great sideswiper, but I need to do some work on the lever itself before that happens. I also makes a passable single lever paddle once you get used to the relatively long travel of the lever.


I did a search for “nano” keys and found

W4PAL straight key