W1SFR (Click to go to QRZ page)

Steve Roberts

2094 RT 73 E

Sudbury, VT 05733

Cell: (802) 779-7489

Hours: For now…anytime. I want to know if you have a question or problem so 7am to 7pm EST is ok for comms. Email is preferred, but if you need answers now, please feel free to call.

13 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Just received #003 TBP key. Absolutely love it! Very smooth action, and I will have to get used to the light action, but really great. Magnificent work and will be on my desk for use every day.


    • Hi Tom. Glad to hear that you’ve received your key. Yes…very light action for sure. That’s what I really like about it. No such thing as fatigue with one of my torsion bar keys. Enjoy it my friend. Best 73 Tu es Urs. Steve, W1SFR


  2. Just ordered the torsion bar single lever paddle. Can’t wait to learn how to send on it. Already pleased with the torsion bar straight key. de K0JZS, Justin


    • Hi Justin, Awesome to see you ordering the TBKII. Here’s what the last op said about his new key. “I own the Begali HST single paddle/sideswiper key, which is of course a great key, but I feel quite better and relaxed
      with your key !!! ” I guess I can’t ask for a better endorsement that that eh? I’ll get cracking on your key and let you know when it’s ready. 73, Steve, W1SFR


  3. Ha, I have been looking for keys to get into CW and realized your name and call sign are similar to mine and just across the border. Nice keys by the way.


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