TBKII Torsion Bar Single Lever “review”

Just heard this morning from another new TBKII owner and he said he ran the WPX-CW contest this past weekend with the TBKII and although he has many, many keys and is a collector and avid DX’r, he’s says after using it all weekend “I think it’s now my favorite paddle!”.

4 thoughts on “TBKII Torsion Bar Single Lever “review”

  1. I have # 008. it was given to me a a present a few years ago from my good friend Jimmy V N0VVV.
    Best key I ever had.
    I am now looking at the Torsion Bar Straight Key for my time that I am on the SKCC Nets and Sprints.
    Thanks Steve & 73
    Greg WA3GM


  2. I have TBKII #077. When I first received it, I found the finger pieces were too close in over the wooden base for my “preference”. I emailed Steve to ask if he could extend the lever out so the finger pieces were out away from the wooden base. He said sure and I had the TBKII back in about about a week with a lever that was 1″ longer. My Begali HST MKII is now gathering dust on the desk. The TBKII is my go to paddle. Just love the soft touch and the feel of the wooden finger pieces. I also like a very light or tight contact setup and found the TBKII to be very easy to adjust to my liking. Great Key and Great Customer service. Thanks Steve.
    Paul W2ECK


    • Hi Paul. Much thanks for your kind words. I’m a bit of a customer service freak and will go way out of my way to make people happy. A classic “pleaser” I guess HiHi. I’ve actually incorporated your suggestion and have moved the brass base more towards the center of the wood base which moves the finger piece so it now hangs a bit over the edge of the front of the key. I had an HST shortly after I got my ticket and thought it was amazing, but after a while the sound of it started to bother me. I will say that the finger piece on the HST is some brilliant engineering IMHO.

      That stuck with me as I designed my first keys and I was determined to create something that worked great and didn’t make so much bothersome clacking. Enjoy OM and hope to hear you on the radio some day soon. Try the Sideswiper net on Thus eves at 8PM EST. I’m NCS on the first Thursday of every month. 73, Steve, W1SFR

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